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Are you a failing Scrum Master?

Are you a failing Scrum Master?

I have number of concerns with the typical view of what an effective Scrum Master looks like. This post is designed to evaluate how successful a Scrum Master is when there is more than one Scrum team, other types of teams and management involved in a project. Take a look at a number of articles around the web and you’ll find questions like […]

Protect the Team

“Protect the team” is part of the Scrum Masters role on a project. Please note that this post is not a discussion on the rights and wrongs of project setup. Let’s look at what this should and shouldn’t mean in practice…. The background The Scrum master is there to maximise the productivity of the team by ensuring the Scrum processes […]

Scrum – Raise those impediments

Recording impediments is a great way of highlighting problems and their cost across multiple Scrum teams. If you track them you can see how long they take to close and how many there are to help discern their real impact. Without this visibility some will end up in a release retrospective as minor issues and […]