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Are you a failing Scrum Master?

Are you a failing Scrum Master?

I have number of concerns with the typical view of what an effective Scrum Master looks like. This post is designed to evaluate how successful a Scrum Master is when there is more than one Scrum team, other types of teams and management involved in a project. Take a look at a number of articles around the web and you’ll find questions like […]

The Agile Retrospective – Tips for success

So you ran your sprint and some of it went well, some of it not, how do you make the most out of this meeting? I’ll use a common technique to start with then expand on the topic: What should we keep doing Do highlight your success, it matters. As a Scrum Master ensure that […]

The Agile Coach – Successfully running an Agile company

OK so you can’t afford or don’t want to buy in really high quality Scrum masters, or you want to use your own people who don’t have much experience. What should I consider? Everyone can improve, that’s why we have performance reviews and different levels of seniority. The same applies to the Scrum Master role […]

Respect your Scrum Master roles

Two days! Yes a two day training course can be your ticket to “I am a Scrum Master”. This has occurred as it is a relatively new discipline and seen as a simple set of techniques to follow meaning anyone who can follow a few principles can be a Scrum Master. STOP. In time the […]