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Lean Delivery Mechanisms – Programme and Product Management

This post is written to compare and contrast how most companies have been set up. Lean has a new way of thinking and is making very large inroads into the software industry. You should read this if: If your competitors are releasing products that their customers want faster than you and therefore your business is […]

Linking Value Stream Maps to the 7 Wastes

I am going to show you how to improve on the value stream mapping technique by combining it with the 7 wastes. Both of these are part of Lean thinking and this post assumes you have a basic knowledge of both. Here is a simple overview of them: Value stream mapping is a visual way of showing your processes […]

The Agile Manifesto – Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

Here we have the agile manifesto: Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Working software over comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Responding to change over following a plan Let’s look at the first one…. individuals and interactions over processes and tools Often processes are put in place so that command and control structures […]

Valuable versus value – your customer’s needs

There is a subtle different between these two concepts. A valuable activity may be a design document, a user story, or even a conversation. Value is what the customer is after and that’s working software (or products). Everything else is waste! Let’s look back to the waterfall days, we spent a lot of time making […]