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Metrics That Destroy Your Organisation

In this post I’m going to show you the serious effect metrics can have on your organisation and customers. At the end of the post I’ll also offer some practical advice on how you should apply this information. Short Term Effects of Metrics Let’s start with a simple example of the effect of setting a sales department […]

Happiness as a metric

I have recently come across happiness being recommended as a metric by Jeff Sutherland and being worked on by a company called Crisp. The view is that this can help an organisation improve. Rather than take this as a good thing to do on face value I thought I’d do some reading.  This post is largely […]

Balanced KPI’s – Watch out!

“What you measure will affect behavior” – the Hawthorn affect Consider this carefully when setting out KPI’s. How can I stop my KPI’s driving poor behaviour? I’m sure you’ve seen the three factors below: Time – I want it faster Cost – I want it cheaper Quality – I want higher quality It’s very common […]

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) – The basics

What is a KPI? In simple terms it’s what is key for your organisation to work on to be successful. This contrasts with a Performance Indicator (PI) that is something useful to measure. What makes it key? Think about the things you can measure and consider this example. You look at story cycle time in […]

Scrum – Raise those impediments

Recording impediments is a great way of highlighting problems and their cost across multiple Scrum teams. If you track them you can see how long they take to close and how many there are to help discern their real impact. Without this visibility some will end up in a release retrospective as minor issues and […]