Systems Thinking

Metrics That Destroy Your Organisation

In this post I’m going to show you the serious effect metrics can have on your organisation and customers. At the end of the post I’ll also offer some practical advice on how you should apply this information. Short Term Effects of Metrics Let’s start with a simple example of the effect of setting a sales department […]

Lean Delivery Mechanisms – Programme and Product Management

This post is written to compare and contrast how most companies have been set up. Lean has a new way of thinking and is making very large inroads into the software industry. You should read this if: If your competitors are releasing products that their customers want faster than you and therefore your business is […]

Self Managing Teams – Systems Thinking

This is a similar post to my last one on systems thinking, but from a slightly different viewpoint, this time we’ll look at the Scrum team and focus on retrospectives. A Scrum team can get very good at what they do and given the retrospective’s can improve their working processes. This post may seem simple […]

Joining a New Project – Applying Systems Thinking

Thanks to Wikipedia for this definition: “Systems thinking is the process of understanding how things, regarded as systems, influence one another within a whole” Let’s take a simple example to illustrate a common problem when people arrive on a project. As a team we currently make large cups of black coffee for our customers who are very happy […]