I’m Interested in an IT Career – Where do I start?

Well you may be thinking maybe there’s something I could do, but you don’t know where to start. Firstly, it’s not all software development! There are numerous careers available outside of coding. IT is fast paced and will suit someone who’s interested in learning lots of new things all the time. My primary piece of […]

Interview Questions – Watch out where you get them from!

A number of years ago I was going for a new technical job and like most people wanted to prepare the best I could for the interview. So I went on to the web and looked up C# interview questions. Lots and lots of sites came up and I found questions on StringBuilders, Arrays, Objects […]

Writing an Effective CV

So you’re after your next role and think you have the perfect CV? There are lots of ways to write these however here are some general pointers: 1) People don’t read much! Seriously you’ve just spent hours writing a big block of text, checked and double checked it then someone picks it up and ignores […]

Recruitment – Where to start

I’ve been recruiting team leads and developers on and off for the last few years and thought I’d share some tips for those of you starting out: 1) ¬†Agencies rarely know much above looking for keywords in CV’s and obviously haven’t got the level of skill as a developer or tester in real life. Get […]