Feedback Loops in Agile

Feedback loops are one of those things we all know something about, from the annual review process, to the speedometer on the car we are driving, we are receiving feedback from the world around us that we can act on it. After looking at a typical Scrum based project, I will show how feedback is a critical […]

Lean Delivery Mechanisms – Programme and Product Management

This post is written to compare and contrast how most companies have been set up. Lean has a new way of thinking and is making very large inroads into the software industry. You should read this if: If your competitors are releasing products that their customers want faster than you and therefore your business is […]

Be Careful with Metrics

There are a lot of pitfalls with metrics, they can seem like a magic bullet to control the output of a team. Measurement is certainly useful but how you use it is critical to ensuring your projects succeed. Let’s take an example. I tell my teams that I’m measuring their success on defects raised. For […]

Shared Responsibility in a Scrum Team

Just a short post today… IT by it’s nature is full of specialists, testers, developers, dev ops, BA’s, the list goes on. Now although it makes a great deal of sense to have these roles they can be a curse for a Scrum team. When you join a team as a Scrum Master it’s important to […]

Linking Value Stream Maps to the 7 Wastes

I am going to show you how to improve on the value stream mapping technique by combining it with the 7 wastes. Both of these are part of Lean thinking and this post assumes you have a basic knowledge of both. Here is a simple overview of them: Value stream mapping is a visual way of showing your processes […]

The Agile Manifesto – Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

Here we have the agile manifesto: Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Working software over comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Responding to change over following a plan Let’s look at the first one…. individuals and interactions over processes and tools Often processes are put in place so that command and control structures […]

Valuable versus value – your customer’s needs

There is a subtle different between these two concepts. A valuable activity may be a design document, a user story, or even a conversation. Value is what the customer is after and that’s working software (or products). Everything else is waste! Let’s look back to the waterfall days, we spent a lot of time making […]