Happiness as a metric

I have recently come across happiness being recommended as a metric by Jeff Sutherland and being worked on by a company called Crisp. The view is that this can help an organisation improve. Rather than take this as a good thing to do on face value I thought I’d do some reading.  This post is largely […]

Are you utilising your offshore vendor?

Every vendor I’ve dealt with will go over their size and capabilities when pitching for work. Most claim to be at the forefront of technology and process. Then you onboard a team for general work and they follow your processes, or occasionally pitch for new sales. If your company lacks technology or process maturity shouldn’t […]

Studying for Success

Solutions can be hard to create when you’re drawing on limited experience. How do you know what you’re doing is the right thing? I’ve sat in numerous meetings where the solutions that have been proposed that are out of date, or in some cases just plain wrong. This represents a real commercial issue for a company, […]

Presentations – How to get your message across

So you’re writing your first presentation or you want to improve, where do you start? Here are a few tips to help you succeed: Are you presenting or sending the presentation? If you’re presenting you can be a lot more brief in your presentation style and do the talking to expand on your topics. If […]

Request For Information (RFI) – Help from outside companies

Some challenges can be too great for a company to solve on its own, especially if you have limited resources and experience. Setting your company’s overall direction can be fraught with danger as you could lead it into a blind alley for years with the wrong choices. This is where the RFI (and ultimately the […]

Head of Department – The career path that can affect your company

Having worked with numerous Heads of Department I find it really interesting to see where they’ve come from. I feel it has a very direct effect on how they steer their teams. There’s no specific right or wrong but people can only know so much. Testing, development, service management and even engineering backgrounds allow people to bring specific […]