Business Analysis

User Persona’s – Some Hints and Tips

User personas are there to help us design products for groups of people. They represent the users or customers of your product. This helps you think about how they would relate to what you’re building. How often have you seen personas created, stuck on a wall and then ignored? Here are some tips to help […]

Combining UML Activity Diagrams with Release Goals

I’ve recently been looking at combining story mapping, release goals and UML activity diagrams. Here is an activity diagram: The point of a release goal is to specify what value is and therefore help guide what should be built. A story map can be built to achieve the goal showing dependencies between stories and therefore basic business flow. UML can not […]

How to make BDD work

This post should hopefully keep your discussions on track and help you use BDD correctly.Starting with my preferred format, introduce your product owner and business resources to this concept: In order to <achieve something which contributes to the release vision> As a <role> I want <feature> The idea here is to focus on the users goal […]