Are you a failing Scrum Master?

Are you a failing Scrum Master?

I have number of concerns with the typical view of what an effective Scrum Master looks like. This post is designed to evaluate how successful a Scrum Master is when there is more than one Scrum team, other types of teams and management involved in a project. Take a look at a number of articles around the web and you’ll find questions like […]

Metrics That Destroy Your Organisation

In this post I’m going to show you the serious effect metrics can have on your organisation and customers. At the end of the post I’ll also offer some practical advice on how you should apply this information. Short Term Effects of Metrics Let’s start with a simple example of the effect of setting a sales department […]

Avoiding Project Disasters

I’ve been spending some time thinking about how projects start recently, and looking at the ideas that are generated to create new products. So I thought I’d write a post on this to give some hints and tips on ensuring you build the right thing. Here are the two key stages that occur when starting […]

Feedback Loops in Agile

Feedback loops are one of those things we all know something about, from the annual review process, to the speedometer on the car we are driving, we are receiving feedback from the world around us that we can act on it. After looking at a typical Scrum based project, I will show how feedback is a critical […]

Protect the Team

“Protect the team” is part of the Scrum Masters role on a project. Please note that this post is not a discussion on the rights and wrongs of project setup. Let’s look at what this should and shouldn’t mean in practice…. The background The Scrum master is there to maximise the productivity of the team by ensuring the Scrum processes […]

Project Manager versus Scrum Master

This is a controversial topic to say the least, so I thought I’d share how I feel about it. The point I’m going to be making is as follows: If we want to change things we should stop asking how these roles are supposed to work and start asking how the structures outside of the Scrum […]

User Persona’s – Some Hints and Tips

User personas are there to help us design products for groups of people. They represent the users or customers of your product. This helps you think about how they would relate to what you’re building. How often have you seen personas created, stuck on a wall and then ignored? Here are some tips to help […]