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Shared Responsibility in a Scrum Team

Just a short post today…

IT by it’s nature is full of specialists, testers, developers, dev ops, BA’s, the list goes on. Now although it makes a great deal of sense to have these roles they can be a curse for a Scrum team. When you join a team as a Scrum Master it’s important to ask the team what would happen if each person in turn was on holiday or out? For some people it’ll mean major impact. Even if people aren’t out you’re likely to see bottlenecks, not enough testers, not enough stories ready from the BA etc.

You can now challenge the team to solve the potential problems before they occur:

  • What would you do if the BA was out or working at a slow pace?
  • How are we going to avoid this problem?
  • Then challenge your BA to work out how to minimise the impact of themselves being out?

Think this through in advance, focus on the areas where you or your team believe there’ll be a problem. Take some time out to cross train people. The more you do this consciously the less impact you’ll see.

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