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Improving your retrospective actions – A3 thinking style

Let’s improve the usefulness of the Agile retrospective…

OK so you’ve done your retrospective and highlighted your main issues. You have some sort of loose tracking on them, you may put them up on your Agile board and chat about them in your stand up or each retro. Does this always mean something gets done? The retrospective should not be a tick in the box activity or it has no value.

So how do I ensure my activities are done and can we add some structure?

1) I could add a story, story point it and add it to the release but do I really understand how to solve the problem?

2) or  the team can work on an A3 problem solving document, understand the problem, how to measure it and progress it. This is a structured way of working.

The A3 actions can then be taken into your sprint planning!

Here’s another post on how to do A3’s:


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