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Stories – What are they for?

What’s the point of a story? a strange question but worth considering in more detail. Like big design up front we can slip into poor behaviour around our agile artefacts. The primary goal of a story is to enable communication between you and your customer to ensure the right thing is delivered by driving out uncertainty.

You could spend a lot of time stating the obvious and considering every scenario. If you’re coding using a BDD tool, trust your developer to work on obvious scenarios without specifying them all up front. The advantage of tools like SpecFlow is self documenting code with scenarios in a “Given ->; When ->; Then” format which can then be checked later.

Usually your initial story and acc criteria are stored in a place that is not linked to code and are discarded after the story is done. Think about driving out uncertainty to build the right thing as you work that is the true value of a story.

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