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Interview Questions – Watch out where you get them from!

A number of years ago I was going for a new technical job and like most people wanted to prepare the best I could for the interview. So I went on to the web and looked up C# interview questions. Lots and lots of sites came up and I found questions on StringBuilders, Arrays, Objects and all manor of other topics. I promptly learned all the ones I didn’t remember (or know), including some that I had never used in real life.

The interview – I turned up to an interview and to my surprise and delight the interviewer had got all of his questions off one of these sites and promptly asked me everything I’d just studied. Great! I got them all right and he thought I was one of the strongest developers he’d ever met 🙂

So to anyone interviewing please exercise caution if you do this, especially if this is the only technical testing you do!

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