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The Agile Coach – Successfully running an Agile company

OK so you can’t afford or don’t want to buy in really high quality Scrum masters, or you want to use your own people who don’t have much experience. What should I consider?

Everyone can improve, that’s why we have performance reviews and different levels of seniority. The same applies to the Scrum Master role and the people working in the Scrums. So who can improve them? You’re likely struggling to do this yourself and some teams are working well and others not. This is where the Agile Coach role comes in. This person should be tasked with improving your company’s delivery.

1) Attend the Scrum of Scrums

2)  Make sure retrospectives are done properly

3) Review the daily stand up’s

4) Set performance objectives for your Scrum Masters

5) Focus on continuous improvement

The role should also allow for study time and don’t make this person spend all their time running a Scrum Team!

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